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NOTE: Everything listed on this page is old. The listings were live in 2011 but are kept here only as samples of what can be done.

The associated Google Business Listing (Buy Home Temecula) and this website ( and the URL are all for sale. If you are a realtor in Temecula, this setup is perfect and still gets lots of inquiries even though it has not been advertised since 2012.


Rent to own or buy a home for little down and less than rent!

You work hard, and you’re good at what you do. You and your family deserve the benefits of owning your own home!  We are experts in finding creative solutions for hard-working people, even if…

* your credit is bad, (it doesn’t matter!)
* you don’t have enough cash for a large down payment (no problem).
* your income is enough for payments but you can’t qualify for a bank loan.
* you’ve been through foreclosure or even bankruptcy .

We can find financing solutions that most bankers or realtors know nothing about! We are not real estate agents.  We are problem solvers and we specialize in helping folks achieve the dream of home ownership even when every one else thinks they can’t do it.

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The free report will open your eyes to the options most people don’t even know about. There is no obligation or commitment, we respect that you simply want more information. The Free Special Report and our No-Obligation Review will be the smartest move you could possibly make!

Here’s the “Low Down” on your REAL Possibility to own rather than rent:
For instance, our “Low Down Payment & You’re In” program has helped scores of folks get into their own home with far less money than what the “experts“ said they needed.  We also have a great “Rent to Own” program (Also known as a Lease Option program.)  You are NOT required to qualify with a bank. You could be moving into your own home in just a few days from now!  We locate home sellers who need help selling in today’s economy and if we don’t already have the perfect home for you, we will find it!  In addition, we’ll work together to repair any credit problems AFTER you move in, so you can get a regular mortgage down the road. Use the form above to contact us for more information on all of our creative home buying solutions.

Imagine your own home…a nice yard…no apartment neighbors…with a private garage and laundry room!  Imagine the profit you’ll make over time (we have clients who’s property value tripled in five years after buying the last time prices were this low.)  And don’t forget the tax benefits of owning your own home.  Even if you didn’t think it was possible for you to get all those benefits, it’s not only possible, we have the solution to make home ownership easy!

Buy a Home in Hemet!

Buy a Home in Temecula!

Buy a Home Anywhere in the USA!

At Ananda Partners, Inc., our name says it all.  Ananda means “Universal Good Will” and we partner folks seeking to buy a home with owners needing help to sell a home so everyone wins!  Although we work nation-wide, our California headquarters are local to Palm Springs, Hemet, Temecula, Murietta, Elsinore, Coachella, San Diego, Riverside and even San Bernardino.  If you would like to own in any of these areas, we can help!

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