Murrieta: Our Beautiful Neighbor to the North

Murrieta Murrieta is a place we fell in love with, and if you haven’t heard the news, the city of Murrieta is a great place to live! It is a town made famous by its hot springs, nice weather, rolling hills spotted with native trees, and friendly people. The neighborhoods wind around the 24 square miles of city in an elegant way. Walking or driving around the streets, you see beautiful homes with well kept yards and often times there are trees overhead. The historic old town in Murrieta has nice boutiques and restaurants.

Around town you can find nearly 50 different parks and more than 15 hiking trails. There is a community center that offers a myriad of activities for people of all ages. There is also a skate park and a new veterans memorial. There are plans underway for the development of a huge retail complex in the area known as the Golden Triangle, where the 15 and 215 intersect.

Since the early 80’s when the I-15 was run through the valley, it has been a place of constant growth. Murrieta really is a town on the move. In 1980 there were only a couple thousand residents. Compare that with 24,000 when Murietta became a city in 1990. Today the city is home to more than 100,000 residents. Notably, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes live in Murrieta.

Old Town Murrieta MillMany people are drawn to Murrieta because of the low housing costs when compared to Los Angeles, San Diego, and the rest of California. It is considered by some to be a perfect commuter town, a suburb close enough to both San Diego and Los Angeles to make work in the larger cities accessible. The city is also notorious for being one of the safest in the entire country, with a crime rate that is very low, by far the lowest in the Southern California area. It is truly a beautiful city with a lot to offer its residents and guests. A perfect place to raise a family and own a home!

We Love Murietta

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