Even a Home in China Can Be Foreclosed While Trying to Sell!

In China, there isn’t a foreclosure problem because most people don’t own a home…they rent from the government.


Well, maybe this architect’s home wasn’t foreclosed.  It’s maybe more accurate to say he was evicted but what’s most interesting is that he lived in an EGG!

That’s right, Dai Haifei, had designed and built a 100% green abode in the shape of an egg.  In China and Japan, small is popular but a home the size of a Honda is a bit too small for anyone who wants to own a home in Temecula, or anywhere in Southern Californa for that matter.  To better sell his home, Mr. Haifei placed his home on the sidewalk outside the office where he worked.  Of course, the city council of Beijing didn’t approve.  Mr. Haifei was required to remove his home from the sidewalk.  He’s now living with friends till he can find a home of his own, or till he can find a better location for his egg.

Too bad he didn’t have someone like us to call who would make a quick cash offer to buy his home 🙂

The best part of this story though, is definitely something Californians can relate to…the possibility of having a completely energy independent home.

It is quite possible to do this in the Temecula Valley but your first step is to buy a home now, while the prices are so incredibly cheap.  Once you are a home owner, you can take advantages of the many rebates and tax credits for installing solar, wind and other forms of natural, sustainable energy for your home.

Do you think you can’t buy a home right now?  If you have a stable income and even a small amount of cash for a down payment, you absolutely can buy a home in Temecula, Murrieta, Corona, or anywhere in Riverside County.  We have home owners who need to sell but can’t find buyers who qualify for bank financing.  These homes are available to you on a Rent To Own basis, or in many cases, the sellers themselves are willing to carry the financing so they can sell their home.

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