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The New Age of Prosperity for Temecula Home Owners, Sellers, and Investors

I’m working here today, listening to Ry Cooder from a 1974 concert at Filmore West, up in the Bay Area and it reminds me of how much things have changed in California since then.  I first came to San Diego in 1968 as a Navy Recruit.  Not much to say about that except how different things seemed to a homeboy from Minneapolis.  We’d heard of the Hippies, even made fun of them but I never imagined how quickly I’d join their ranks.  We believed in something back then that we don’t hear that much of these days and it’s worth remembering.  Times were tough in their own way.  We were young, but still so sad and angry about what we were doing to the folks in Vietnam…and what they were doing to us.  I remember the peace rallies, the amazing concerts and, yes some of the riots, but through it all was this unrelenting sense of incredible hopeFULness that we all felt every day.

RobopuppyNow, when I look around, we are living in the most incredible of times, with 3D films, HDTV, even 3DTV, home-ownership available to virtually everyone, and conveniences we only dreamed about in the Sixties and Seventies.  In so many ways, we’ve enjoyed forty years of ever-increasing prosperity, especially here in California.  Nonetheless, if anything, what I hear from folks is an incipient hopelessness.

It’s as if most people have such a fear of what’s coming that they can’t see what’s here, and if you really look at what’s here, you can’t help but be filled with enthusiasm for what’s coming!

For one thing, the housing prices have never been more affordable and the chance to become a homeowner in California has never been so great…or so easy!

ProsperityNot only have the homes become affordable but the use of creative financing strategies has reached a new pinnacle of sophistication and ease.  Yeah…we all know the banks are in trouble and are not lending (even it seems to people with the best credit) but that doesn’t mean a thing.  In fact, we may find that the kind of financing strategies we’re using today will be much better for the economy in general than the bank-dominated economy of the past several decades.

In the past, the banks’ incredible wealth (mostly gained through what are now being called fraudulent activities) would stay with the bankers and the Wall Street investors who owned the stock.  Now, that wealth is being re-distributed to private lenders and home sellers who are financing the deals at interest rates well beyond what the banks could charge even if they were lending.

In addition, we all know Real Estate travels through a predictable cycle of value ups and downs.  We know that we’ve hit the bottom for this cycle and in the next few years the values will go up again.  Anyone who can buy now will reap huge gains, even if they have to pay higher interest than the banks are charging (or not charging, since they are not lending!)

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