The Best Christmas Present Ever

We just succeeded in delaying the foreclosure another two months for our friend Bill and his wife Kap.  This is the fourth time we’ve halted the bank’s foreclosure action but this time it was especially touchy because the sale date was set for just before Christmas.  Bill said, “It’s the best Christmas Present Ever!” and that’s what we like, to bring joy and peace of mind wherever we can.
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Top Five Reasons to Buy a Home in Temecula

Temecula Cat on a RopeWe decided it would be fun and informative for us to share our top five reasons why you should consider buying a home here in Temecula, CA. Honestly, there are a whole lot more ideas we came up with than are shared here.

These five reasons focus on the real estate climate here and the importance of home ownership. In other posts we discuss the many attractions this wonderful town has to offer. Lets get down to brass tax:

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