Home Owners in Temecula…You are AWESOME! You Make A Difference!

There’s a story rolling around the internet these days about a High School teacher who started a class Students with Blue Ribbonsproject of telling each student how they had impacted her life.  She then gave each of them 4 blue ribbons with gold letters reading “Who I Am Makes A Difference.”  The students were instructed to keep one of the ribbons and to tell one other person how they had impacted their life and to give them the remaining ribbons with the instructions to pay it forward (do the same for someone else.)

Student Handing ribbon to executiveOne student gave his extra three ribbons to a junior executive in a nearby company who had helped him with his career planning.  The executive in turn gave his two extra ribbons to his boss, who was a very difficult man to work for, but the executive recognized his intelligence as a businessman and told him of the positive influence he’d had, calling him a “creative genius.

Father handing ribbon to sonThe business owner was moved by the experience and decided, since he had’t had much time with his teenage son recently, to give his extra ribbon to his son.  He told his son that he realizes how busy he’s been and that he’s been treating his son like an employee, never seeming to be satisfied with his performance.  He said he just wanted to take a moment to honor his son and tell him how much he matters.

The son broke down and wept.  Gun and Suicide NoteThe father, not understanding, asked what was the problem and the son told him he didn’t think anyone cared about him.  He then went to his bedroom and brought out a suicide note and a gun.  He handed them to his father and said he had planned to use the gun that night “…but now I don’t think I’ll be needing them.”

Now it was the father’s turn to break down.

The business owner was never the same again.  He began treating everyone with respect and made it a point to honor his employees and his family, and to let them know how much they matter to him.

Now, we’re passing these blue ribbons on to you.
Blue Ribbon with gold letters
Have an awesome day, Temecula…and if you are in any kind of housing distress, just be aware that it doesn’t say anything about you.  You are awesome no matter what.

Seller Financing – STOP RENTING and Buy a Home in Temecula!

Or, for that matter, you can buy a home in Murrieta, Elsinore, or anywhere else in Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego Counties.

Writing Rent CheckEach month you write a check for rent.  Haven’t you looked at that check every month and thought “At this rate, I could BUY a home!”  It’s amazing how many people are renting and paying up to 30% MORE than a mortgage payment would be in today’s market, hating to do it but feeling stuck, like you have no options.  Well, you do have options that you probably don’t even know about and your window of opportunity may close soon because prices have begun toBad Credit OK creep up in California and around the nation.

Do you think you don’t have good enough credit?  It’s not a problem.  We can help you buy a home even if your credit is shot!  As long as you can qualify with enough income to pay today’s rents, you can qualify for a seller financing deal or a Rent-To-Own deal.

Do you think you don’t have enough down payment to buy a home?  Again, you don’t need much.  Even if you were to move to a different rental, you’d need security deposit, first, and often last month’s rent…and sometimes qualifying for a rental is harder than some of our options for buying! The amount of cash needed for our deals is often not much more than what it would take to get into a rental and you know, if you had to, you’d find a way to come up with that much at least.

Puppy and Kitten Cheek to Cheek in Flower BedWould you like to get a puppy?  Seriously, renting with pets can be a nightmare and in your present location you are likely to have restrictions so you can’t bring a pet in.  If you are buying, pets are not an issue.  We even have property with acreage for a large breed dog, if that’s what you want.

The key question you need to answer is, WHAT DO YOU WANT?  We’ve all heard the positive-thinking gurus say that you can accomplish anything if you want it bad enough.  Well…you’ve wanted a home of your own for a long time (or maybe you’ve just lost a home and are “forced” to rent.)  Now, you don’t even need to want it that much to be able to achieve it.  In today’s market there are numerous home sellers who are in need of solutions of their own and will work with you to make it happen.

So, here’s your assignment to get started:

1. Define the home you want as clearly as you can: how many bedrooms, bathrooms, garage, locations, etc.

2. Add up all your financial resources:
– Cash for a deposit / down payment
– Total Family Income – add it all up so you can determine how much you can afford to pay each month.
– Total outstanding debts.  No matter how you cut it, you need to have enough income to pay your credit card and auto loans in addition to your new mortgage.  If your outstanding debt is too high, we can advise you how to deal with it so you can qualify to buy a home.

3. Recognize who we are.  “Ananda” means the same as “Agape” – Universal Love, compassion.  Ananda Homes is here to help.  For a free, no obligation recorded message about how we can help you, call our toll-free number:
– Extension 121 (First Time Home Buyer)
– Extension 114 All Others.

4. Go to the”Buy a Home” link at the top of this page, or…
GO TO  http://www.reimatcher.com/Riverside/Ananda

SELLER FINANCING!  SELLER FINANCING!  SELHands exchanging contract for a set of house keys.LER FINANCING!
We have sellers wanting to carry the financing!  No need for bank approvals!   Check it out.  Our online resource lets you decide where you want to buy (move around the map to select the region or zip code you want to live in – ANYWHERE IN THE USA!)  Then let us know how much you can afford and it automatically matches you to the home of your dreams, available with SELLER FINANCING!

Don’t wait!  NOW IT’S YOUR TURN!    http://www.reimatcher.com/Riverside/Ananda

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