Temecula Farmers Market is Where to Get Your Certified Organic Greens

farmers-market-temeculaThere are two farmers markets in Temecula. They both offer a huge variety of certified organic vegetables and fruits year round. You can bring home what you need for a few days and know that you are giving yourself and your family a healthy and nutritious diet.

The largest farmers market is in Old Town Temecula on Saturdays from 9-1 on 6th and front street. There is also a farmers market that takes place at the Promenade Mall in the lot by Macy’s & JCPenny on Wendesdays from 9-1. They both have some of the same vendors, and offer a whole lot more than just fruits and veggies. They have honey, bread, oil, live plants and even worms and their castings for organic growers!

sprouts natural market in temeculaWhen you want healthy places to shop for food to cook at home but it isn’t a Wednesday or a Saturday, you can always go to Sprouts Natural Market at 40458 Winchester Road or try Henrys Farmers Market on 32413 Temecula Parkway. Both of those places have higher prices than the true farmers markets, but they’ve got a good selection of healthy food.

We prefer these stores to the bigĀ  supermarkets, although both stores mentioned do have supermarket-like qualities. If possible, plan ahead and go out to the local farmers market. You’ll be glad you got out of the house on a sunny afternoon for the healthiest stuff in town!

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