The Best Christmas Present Ever

We just succeeded in delaying the foreclosure another two months for our friend Bill and his wife Kap.  This is the fourth time we’ve halted the bank’s foreclosure action but this time it was especially touchy because the sale date was set for just before Christmas.  Bill said, “It’s the best Christmas Present Ever!” and that’s what we like, to bring joy and peace of mind wherever we can.

LookAre you making payments on a house you can no longer afford?  Been transferred and need to sell quick?  Facing Foreclosure?  Inherited an unwanted house, or for any other reason experiencing the new malady called “Housing Distress”?  Give yourself the best Christmas Present ever…Peace of Mind.

Or, do you know someone who needs help selling their home fast and at a fair price?  We offer a referral fee if you recommend someone whom we are able to help.  Not a bad Christmas present to give yourself, knowing you are on your way to a cash bonus of $500 per referral.

SoldAnd…how could we forget those of you who want to buy a home but can’t qualify for a bank loan.  It can be so frustrating, but we can help.  Do yourself a favor and call to get started right away finding your own home.

Ananda Homes is here to assist you NOW.  We buy all types of property in all areas in all types of condition and can close very quickly, maybe even before the new year!  Call our automated toll free number (below) to find out more about some of our exciting programs.

CALL NOW: 888-253-7980

Ext. 1 to sell a home.

Ext. 2 to buy a home.

Ext. 3 for referrals.

Ext. 9 for partner and investment opportunities

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