Top Five Reasons to Buy a Home in Temecula

Temecula Cat on a RopeWe decided it would be fun and informative for us to share our top five reasons why you should consider buying a home here in Temecula, CA. Honestly, there are a whole lot more ideas we came up with than are shared here.

These five reasons focus on the real estate climate here and the importance of home ownership. In other posts we discuss the many attractions this wonderful town has to offer. Lets get down to brass tax:

1: The time is right to buy a home

zillow temecula 2009 increase

Houses are available now in and around temecula for much less than only a couple years ago. But that might not last for long. Look at the percentage of homes whose value has increased over the past year: it is dramatic! Just look at the graph to the right, it shows the percentage of homes that increased in value recently.

And yet there is a surplus of nice properties available at low prices, almost half the state’s average cost for real estate. Now is the time to think about your options.  Owning a home is a good investment in the future, and there are ways to get you into a home that YOU OWN!

2: You work hard and deserve to own a home

hard worker deserves a homeYou have a job and make enough money for payments, but people may still be telling you that you don’t have what it takes to be approved for a loan or buy a home. That should not discourage you from making your dream a reality!

There are opportunities now,  and even if you think you don’t have enough saved up to put money down,  we can help. Even if you have less than perfect credit (or even bad credit) there is hope. We know how tough it can be.

3: You are paying a landlord when that money could pay for your own home

penguin pays mortgageThink about it: You earn money and spend it on a rental that will never be yours. If you spend $1000 a month on rent, in ten years you’ve put $120,000 into someone else’s pocket, just to live in their house. Doesn’t it “feel” like that isn’t the best way to do things? We can help you find ways to own a home that make sense and are affordable.

Now we are not trying to say that renting is bad, or that your landlord is bad, but there are much better ways to spend your money that you don’t know about because they aren’t widely available. Rental is a losing strategy in the long term. Building a better future for you and your family starts with knowing your options.

4: A home gives you freedom, security and a smart investment

Rent to OwnWhen you own your home, you can decorate, rebuild, and add to your house as much as you want. Any fears about fines and eviction go away. You’re probably a great tenant, but maybe you worry about having a party, changing locks, building a deck, installing a hot tub or having dogs. There are lots of restrictions on what you can do when you rent. But when you own the house you live in, there is a world of possibilities open to you. You can cut costs on electricity by having solar panels installed and made affordable by tax breaks. Try asking your landlord for that!

Just as important is the investment you are making by owning a home. Once you pay off the mortgage, you own the home and the payments end. You still have to pay bills, but just imagine you paid those bills anyways and you rented a home for many  years. The whole time you could have been paying off your morgage, possibly for less than rent, and you own the property at the end of it all.

Doesn’t that “feel” like a good investment?

5: You have an untapped resource waiting to be explored

thinking about temecula's home optionsWhen you contact us at Ananda Partners, we can explain ways to achieve home ownership that real estate agents and banks don’t know about (or don’t want you to know about!) We are financial problem solvers. Even when everyone else tells you that you can’t do it, we can help you own a home.


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